Upcoming Defenses

Oct 27 2020
Issues of improvement of the investment environment in the food industry of Republic of Armenia
Economy, the economics of its spheres and control
Armenian National Agrarian University
Oct 29 2020
Developing Pedagogical Conditions of Self-Service Skills of Retarded Junior Pupils
Special pedagogy (typhlopedagogy, signopedagogy, oligophrenopedagogy and speech therapy).
Armenian State Pedagogical University after Khachatur Abovyan
Oct 29 2020
Comprehensive assessment of the cytokine system and the aggregate state of blood cells in the pathogenesis of ischemic stroke
Neurology, psychiatry and narcology
Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi
Oct 30 2020
Teaching technologies of text analysis in English courses for the humanities
Teaching and learning methodology (according to fields)
Yerevan State University
Oct 30 2020
Development and research of design kit of nanoscale integrated circuits
Electronics, microelectronics and nano-electronics,
National Polytechnic University of Armenia
Nov 05 2020
Improvement ways of the accounting system in the public sector organizations of the Republic of Armenia
Finances, bookkeeping accounting
Armenian State University of Economics
Nov 05 2020
The optimization of physical preparedness of schoolchildrens by applying athletic exercises
Teaching and learning methodology (according to fields)
Armenian State Institute of Physical Culture and Sport
Nov 09 2020
Administrative division of Achaemenid Persia
World history
Institute of Oriental Studies
Nov 12 2020
The architecture of Tehran theatres in comparison with the armenian theatres in the region
Institute of Arts
Nov 12 2020
Formation of titanium, zirconium and niobium aluminides in the hydride cycle and the synthesis of their hydrides by the SHS method
Physical chemistry
Institute of Chemical Physics after A.B. Nalbandyan
Nov 12 2020
Administrative and legal protection of human rights in the Republic of Armenia
Civil law*
Public Administration Academy of the RA
Nov 12 2020
Constitutional legal proceedings as a means of increasing the effectiveness of judical protection of citizens' rights and freedoms (on the example of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia)
Civil law*
Russian-Armenian University
Nov 13 2020
Mythological and biblical motifs in the works of Yeghishe Charenc
Armenian contemporary literature
Artsakh State University
Nov 17 2020
The Problem of Sovietization of Armenia in Armenian Historiography
Historiography, bibliography
Institute of History
Nov 17 2020
Robust estimation of gaussian mean within the domain of computational tractability
Theory of relativity and mathematical statistics
Yerevan State University