PhD Dissertation


Dissertation is a document submitted in support of candidature for an academic degree  presenting the author's research and findings.

In the Republic of Armenia, the academic degrees of PhD and Doctor of Sciences are awarded by field of science in accordance with the nomenclature of specialities of scientific workers. In order to qualify for a PhD degree one must hold a master’s degree or a specialist diploma and have passed the PhD speciality exam as per the nomenclature of scientific specialities  for which academic degrees are awarded in the Republic of Armenia.

A dissertation submitted for the degree of PhD (first level of highest academic degrees) is an advanced work that makes a significant new contribution to the solution to an outstanding problem in the given field of science, or sets a new problem, or/and offers a scientifically based technical, economic, technological research that provides a solution an essential applied problem.

To approve the topic of the dissertation, the applicant addresses the head of the higher education institution or scientific organization.

The main results and provisions of the dissertation are published in peer-reviewed international academic journals that play a significant role in the global scientific community and in the academic journals included in the list of peer-reviewed academic journals of the Supreme Certifying Committee.

To qualify for a PhD degree one must have at least six published research articles, two of which are not co-authored, or else 3 articles, at least one of which is published in journals regularly indexed by Web of Science or Scopus and one authored by the researcher alone. The requirements of this clause do not apply to persons whose topic of the PhD dissertation was approved by March 10, 2015 and provided that the PhD dissertation shall be defended no later than the deadline set by the law. In such cases the applicant must have at least 3 published research articles of which one authored by the researcher alone.

Researchers must mention any reuse or recycling of the results/ ideas, primary materials, data, interpretations, etc. in the dissertation via appropriate and accurate references to them.

The dissertation must have a short scientific summary – abstract. The abstract must clearly highlight the purpose, procedure, and principal findings – aim, objectives, main provisions, essential findings, topicality, key results, and implications (any practical or theoretical applications from your findings for future) of the research.  The abstract is printed with the permission of the specialized academic council, must amount to not more than 40.000 characters in volume for PhD dissertations. The volume of abstracts of dissertations in social sciences can be expanded by 30 percent.  The abstract is printed in the quantity determined by specialized academic council, overall being not less than 50 copies.

The dissertation and abstract are written in Armenian. With the consent of the specialized academic council, they may be presented in another language. At the end of the abstract, a summary is given in Russian and English (in Armenian if the abstract is written in another language). If necessary, by decision of the specialized academic council, а part of the circulation of the abstract can be printed in another language.

            Follow the instructions for dissertation and abstract layout and format.

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